It’s summertime in Florida, which means Hurricane Season. Every year, your local news and radio stations encourage you to be prepared and reminder you to stock up on hurricane supplies. But did you every think to include items for your pets? Well, now is the time to incorporate your pet into your emergency planning. If you are in an evacuation zone, you will need to plan for your pets as well. Some hotels and motels normally accept pets year-round for an additional fee while some make exceptions during states of emergency. Reach out to local hotels to inquire about their pet policy. Also, a few local evacuation shelters do accept pets. Click on the link below for a list of pet-friendly evacuation shelters in your area. If there are no pet-friendly lodging or shelters in your area, there are likely several boarding facilities in your area that “hurricane board.” These facilities should be located outside of the evacuation zones. Some may or may not have staff that stay with the pets to make sure they are cared for during the storm. Again, inquire with your local boarding facilities regarding their boarding policies during hurricanes. Many also require that you have standing reservation due to limitations on the number of pets they can board and care for at onetime.

In addition to having a plan and emergency kit for your pet, identification is key in getting your pet reunited with you in case you get separated. Collars with i.d. tags are helpful. However, sometimes pets do get free of their collars or information may become unreadable on the tags. Microchip implantation provides a permanent identification that will not fade overtime or get separated from your pet. Make sure that you update the information associated with microchip anytime you move or change your phone number. Many pets that have been adopted from shelters or rescues already have a microchip and are usually registered at the time of adoption, or the information necessary to register them has been included in your adoption paperwork. If you are not sure whether your pet is microchipped or would like to get your pet microchipped, contact your veterinarian.

ABCDE Animal Clinic will be hosting microchip clinics during the summer. Contact the clinic at 561-622-7370 for a list of dates and times.

Check out the links below for useful information:

CDC Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit Webpage

FL Division of Emergency Management: Have A Pet Plan

PetsWelcome – Search for pet-friendly lodging and shelters in your area. All information is subject to changes. Please verify with the facility ahead of time.

Palm Beach County Emergency Management – The PBC Pet-Friendly shelter is a last resort option and does require pre-registration. However, pre-registration does not guarantee you and your pet a spot.

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