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Veterinary Clinic

ABCD&E Animal Clinic provides complete health/wellness exams from neonatal to geriatric status.  Services include in house laboratory diagnostics as well as multitude of services such as endocrine diagnostic, cultures, pathology, reproductive and consultation services.

In addition, some of the services we provide are:

Routine dermatology with the ability to refer to a specialist as needed.

Ultrasound availability.

Vaccination protocols especially designed to suit the needs of your specific pet based upon age, activity,
and health status.

In house pharmacy availability.

Prescription diets and nutrition counseling tailored to the individual pet.

Parasite prevention programs for fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other intestinal parasites.

Pet Dentistry

Routine dentistry and preventative programs designed to eliminate dental disease.  These services include radiography, cleanings, and extractions when needed. We also can offer teeth cleaning without anesthesia. This offers pet owners an alternative method for cleaning and maintaining their pet’s teeth.


Surgical procedures with advanced monitoring systems. Surgical procedures include, but are not limited to, all routine soft tissue surgeries including, spay, neuter, exploratory abdominal procedures, cystotomy, cesarean sections, perineal urethrostomy, gastropexy, splenectomy, and soft tissue tumor removal.


A special emphasis on anesthesia protocols is based on and determined by the age, breed, health status, size, and the surgical procedure being performed.



  • Ovulation and Timing
  • Artificial Insemination, both Vaginal and surgical
  • Semen Collection and evaluation
  • Chilled semen prep for transport