Amazing Dog and Puppy Facts

Bringing a dog or puppy into your family is a huge decision, and here are some things about man’s best four-legged friend that are sure to be of interest to children (and some adults):

How To Keep Your Pet Feeling Their Best!

Basic care for your cat or dog is easy to provide once you know exactly what works for them. At ABCDE Animal Veterinary Clinic, we always promote pet wellness, which begins at the home. We also understand that for some pet owners, especially first time pet owners, the process of providing the correct care for your furry little friend can be an overwhelming and confusing time. That is why we provide our patients with pet education–so that you are always in the loop about the most important things you can do to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Here are some of the most important things you can do for pet care and wellness:

  • Exercise: The most important part of wellness for your pet begins with keeping them active, healthy, and happy! When your pet is getting regular exercise, overall health skyrockets–maintaining a healthy weight prevents extreme health risks such as cancer, arthritis, and obesity.
  • Diet: Much like exercise, diet plays a vital role in your pet’s mood, weight, health, and overall wellness. We can advise you the best treatment plan for your pet with a free examination.
  • Check Ups: Last, but certainly not least, providing your beloved furry companion with regular checks with a trusted veterinary clinic like ABCDE Animal Park Veterinary Clinic, is the sure-fire way of keeping your pet healthy and happy.

This is just the beginning for your pet’s care, so for more information and specialized treatment, contact us at (561) 622-7370   today to speak to a member of our wonderful staff today.

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